My new dining suite

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you’d know how much I love Chippendale Chinese chairs… and bamboo (or faux bamboo) home furnishings.

All white Chinese Chippendale chairs surround a large old Spanish dining table

I grew up with the real stuff – furniture made from actual bamboo.

The cane lounge suite I grew up with.

The cane lounge suite I grew up with.

(except with new cushion covers)

So these cane and bamboo pieces have been part of my childhood and since hitting the mid-ahem-30s, I’ve appreciated things from my childhood more. My first piece was my new old desk? :)

Well, I scored again! A month ago I won a Buy It Now auction with eBay for an old dining suite. I had to sweet talk my husband into getting it from Canberra (5 hr drive each way) with me one Saturday recently to pick it up. The lady in a very exclusive part of Canberra was selling her very very expensive and modern home to move someplace else with a “modern house which wouldn’t suit this dining suite”. It left me rather flabbergasted as the house we picked the suite from was already sooooo modern! Anyway.

Today I finally had a free hour to set up table! :)

My new dining suite dressed for 6

My new dining suite dressed for 6

Set for a simple Easter lunch for six.

I love my suite so much! The upholstery needs a clean, and I’m waiting for my father in law to help me with that… and one day I intend to change the cover and get better cushioning :)

Yes the room is tiny. This rental isn’t large, but it suits most of our needs right now so it’ll do. For our daily use this gets pushed to one wall and the carvers go back to their home:

Our new larger (but still small) living room

Our new larger (but still small) living room

Yes it gives precious added seating to our equally small living room.

Our lounge finally out of the storage into our living room

Our lounge finally out of the storage into our living room

One day I might even paint the table a glossy orange!



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    4 May 2011

    Your place looks really nice!!! Your blog looks really nice also. Love your new header.

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    6 May 2011

    hi jessie it's so good to hear from you :) thanks, it's a small place, but it's so good to be in our own place again with some breathing space between us and the in laws (however beautiful they are). hopefully we can buy our own place in a few's also nice to be able to use our own furniture again after so much of them have been in storage!!

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    6 May 2011

    Glossy orange sounds so wonderful! Or maybe turquoise? :)Your living room looks great. I love the colors of the pillows on the sofa.

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    24 June 2011

    Very lovely place.. I love the whole dinning interiors in your place.. Love post. Thanks for sharing.. :)

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    6 July 2011

    thanks pegs. i am constantly looking around this small room and am thankful for what we do have, although of course, things could be better.but for now, it's good to have more space at home.Notcathy: Thank you! Our rental place now is so small but at least corners of it make me happy! :) I now have a red and white polkadot tablecloth on the dining table and it's a happy place to eat and dine!


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