My Janet Hill collection (part of)

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May 10 2011
Three of my first Janet Hills professionally framed and hung

Janet Hill on Etsy

I have been enchanted with artist Janet Hill‘s artpieces since earlier 2009. I have since collected quite a few of her pieces and finally I got a few professionally framed for my bedroom.

My first three Janet Hill pieces professionally framed and hung

My first three Janet Hill pieces professionally framed and hung

I had Miss Yellow framed in something very blah and cheap previously… didn’t do it justice one bit.

My first Janet Hill

My first Janet Hill.

I never found the perfect frame for it. I knew I wanted something vintage… something extraordinary. But to find a frame… and a framer… was not easy. But I finally found a framer worthy of my patronage and shout out on the blog.

Karin in Blaxland, NSW, Australia does exquisite work because she scours the country for vintage, antique and unusual frames for framing. At very very reasonable prices too!!! If you want to contact Karin, please contact me at paperbean{at}gmail{dot}com.

It just adds a touch of elegance to my bedroom. I wish it had a more prominent wall.. but in my rental, I take what I get! Thank you landlord for letting me put nails for my three ladies!

What about four ladies, husband? :) Like Elspeth With Her Turtledove!

Janet Hill's Elspeth with her turtledove

Janet Hill’s Elspeth with her turtledove

Image above and Janet Hill banner taken from her Etsy page.

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