My Ironing Board

I lucked a very old ironing board at a garage sale 8 years ago, soon after I got married. I loved the wooden board; it was well used, so smooth and solid.

Since then, it’s been an oft used ironing board. After we moved north in 2010, 95% of our belongings lived in a storage unit for 18 months. When we moved, I found my ironing board needed replacing; its base was rusted so that fold-and-install as we needed was going to be difficult, esp in this small rental.

This meant, finally, the lovely piece could be repurposed!! I’ve been waiting almost 7 years for the chance to repurpose it! I had wanted to use it as a display table in the home, but my courtyard soon cast its dibs on it!

My ironing board as a pot stand.

My ironing board as a pot stand.

Next to my just re-stained new-to-me outdoor table, the board looked insipid. So I used the same stain on it and it came up beautifully! Plus the oil is a great protectant.

Hehe I thought I was being so avant-garde 4 years ago! But of course, it’s since been done:

Ironing board as potting bench

And in all those other ways I thought of those years ago!

Ironing board as side table

Ironing board as a hall table

Ironing board with blue legs as a hall table

Ironing board as a side table

Ironing board as bookshelf

Ironing board as servery

Ironing board as cafe tables

Ironing board as night stands

Ironing board as bulletin/inspiration/craft/pin board

Ironing board used as magnetic and bulletin board

One day I might purchase some hairpin legs from Ian McLean and replace the rusty base. (Or treat and paint the current one a yellow or pale green gloss!)

One day :)

22 May 2012



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    15 May 2012

    My favorites are the last one {green} hanging on the wall and the red one with books on it. What great ideas. Yours looks great outside with plants on it! Thanks for the inspiration.


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