My good two days and PIP Studio!

Did you all have a good Christmas?
I enjoyed mine.

I had such a great Thurs-Fri last week that it kinda blew my blues away :) I had to share with you:

I spent Thursday with my husband and child. It’s the first in about 8-12 months since we just said no to work and responsibilities. After dropping my 4.5 year old daughter at a playdate, we enjoyed a relaxed grown-up brunch at a local cafe before tackling some chores (minus constant high-pitched whining and wheedling). After picking up Hannah from her friend’s, we then pottered at home together and then had dinner at MacDonalds (yuck, but promised Hannah) and then some late-night shopping for clothes for husband.

And on Friday I found something which is the reason for sharing all this important (albeit personal) information: I went back to do some shopping and couldn’t resist walking into bed, bath and table. After being disappointed by much of the bla-di-bla bedding, my eye was caught by a logo I’ve loved for so long!

Pip Studio Logo

Pip Studio Logo

Arriving in Australia in April this year, PIP Studio FINALLY makes it to the local stores!!!!! I have been waiting so long to see it in Australia it’s not funny!

Back then, PIP Studio did not have bedding. But now!

I could not walk away from the store without my own PIP Studio bedding. :)

I’m so happy with my new bedding! I coordinated it with a white and grey cotton fitted sheet. Love it :)

My new PIP Studio bedlinen

My new PIP Studio bedlinen

I can also now buy PIP Studio china! Pretty soon I will be buying wallpaper and bags and tablecloths and. other unmentionable goodies! :)

Have you seen their stuff?

24 December 2010
4 January 2011



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    Steph Bond @ Bondville

    1 January 2011

    Just lovely! Glad you got some nice new bedding. I did too this year in the very quick trip I managed to squeeze in to the sales on boxing day. Fab Orla Kieky for half price! Thrilled. Happy New Year :)

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    10 January 2011

    coming from the netherlands I love love love PIP studio, hopefully the prices will be reasonably similar to european prices though…

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    15 January 2011

    Steph: I'm so glad you got to buy something you love for your home!!Sonja: I would love to visit Netherlands one day. That whole region is one of my short term aims! No, rarely are overseas merchandise reasonable when it has to travel freight and taxes to Australia. It's a mournful thing, we pay so much more! I'd love to have more PIP items but too expensive :(


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