My first week here.. sore feet and all!

Moved again!
After a year and a half of living in a super small place.

I am now in our new place for 7 days. We JUST got our 2.5 seater sofa from the storage unit.

My desk, after painting and new glass top.

My desk, after painting and new glass top.

We’re 70% unpacked. I am 170% exhausted. :)

The worst thing about this move, or moving from a 440sq feet area to someplace else/bigger… is that there was no available floor space for packed boxes! So we have had to do this the ultra slow and ultra INefficient way.

This place is SUCH a blank slate!

There are a few downsides to this space, the biggest 2 being I’m ALLERGIC to it! (It was owner occupied prior to this and he had a dog, a cat and a bird inside.) Also, 60% of the house is tiled So my feet get exhausted to the point of pain every night.

Our simple entryway.

The other 'dining table' finally as our hall table.

The other dining table finally as our hall table.

My “dining table” now, as its proper use, a hall table!

But this place is still our home.

And it’s a super BLANK SLATE! :)

Oh and I have to show and tell!! My new desk is a $50 buy from St Vinnies in Katoomba, NSW. Without the glass. I’d always loved the detail of the faux bamboo furniture, having grown up with a few. :)

My desk, when I bought it from the thrift store

My desk, when I bought it from the thrift store

It’s actually a dining table, but oh well :) I’m too precious about it to share it with others who don’t care as much about the piece!

I paid $150 for a new glass top, painted it a wonderful pale blue high gloss, let it cure for 6 months…

And now, you’d have to pay upwards of $700 for one in a designer store! :)

14 March 2011



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    28 March 2011

    I am glad you are at your new place now! You did a great job painting that table. Looks great as your desk. I love your print over your desk also, very cute!

  2. Reply


    30 March 2011

    That table looks great! Your choice of color is lovely.Homeowner Insurance

  3. Reply


    3 April 2011

    So excited to see you back and to see what you do with a "fresh canvas", so to speak.I'm so jealous of your desk!

  4. Reply


    4 April 2011

    Hi Jessie, thanks honey, yes I LOVE that J.Kennedy print. I wrote about it here.Carolyn: thanks I love white walls with colourful pops :)Sred: thanks! great to see you back on the blog, thanks for taking the time to comment! I LOVE my desk so much and something new (new to me) is coming soon!!! :)

  5. Reply


    18 April 2011

    That table looks beautiful! I love it!!xox LexiGlitter & Pearls

  6. Reply


    23 April 2011

    Hi Lexi,Thanks!! I'm v. blessed :) Gotta keep your eye out for these goodies at Op Shops!

  7. Reply


    29 April 2011

    Your desk looks great! I visited at the right time. Right after a move. It will be so fun to see you decorate!

  8. Reply


    6 May 2011

    i'm enjoying my little home so much. i love surrounded by my things :) this is the space i welcome my friends and family to, a contained space i can serve and bless them :)


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