My First DIY

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Jul 4 2007

Then. My first DIY.

About 5 years ago I left Melbourne, Australia to live in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. That’s a nearly-12-hour drive away. We left my family and friends to live with husband’s family in an effort to save for a wedding.

I arrived at the foot of the mountains with my chipboard study desk (my one furniture item from my poor student days in Melbourne), a soggy double futon mattress minus base, a desk chair and two Ikea shelves.

The studio that I found myself in after three months of looking had no storage whatsoever. I needed to find clothes storage and some seating.

I found my piece at a church yard sale. It was an old, decrepit gentleman’s lowboy. It was the worst thing you could imagine. Grotty, just poorly. Desperation and a hint of vision made me reach for the $5 in my wallet to purchase the ugly thing.

The fact that it didn’t daunt my mother in law also helped. She has restored some furniture in her time and although her style isn’t quite mine (country style), most of the techniques were pertinent regardless of style.

My lowboy after stripping My lowboy after stripping with CitriStrip®.

After a few coats of paint and an old door handle with coordinating key and pulley thing, it perked up tremendously. It is now one of my favourite sentimentally connected pieces. I chose a beautiful shade of pale green in full gloss. I love it still today.

My lowboy after painting

Now. What to do with it?

So now we’ve moved back to Melbourne plus a baby and a horde of furniture we’re slowly replacing… and this piece is now… left needing a new use!

I was going to sell it on eBay and tear my heart out. But husband has commented that it might do well as a nursery cupboard for Hannah.

Except I will have to find someone to outfit it for me… and Hannah’s nursery is to be red and I can’t BEAR painting over the green!

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