Moving and why

Thanks to you all who have sent me comments and personal emails and messages. I hate moving (esp to a rental or a smaller space).

Beautifull day wall decal sticker

The long and short of it all is that we have moved back to the in laws to pursue two dreams: having another baby and opening a third-wave cafe focusing on specialty coffee (sorry guys, but Starbucks is not real coffee, it’s confectionery coffee!!!). We have been passionate about coffee for a while now, (third wave style) of course…

My vintage ACP coffee cups with Andrew making espresso in the background

My vintage ACP coffee cups with Andrew making espresso in the background

So there it is. Sacrifices of following our dreams? The main one: moving from a spacious, lovely 220m2 (2370 sq foot) home into a 40.5m2 (430 sq foot) shoebox. Literally. Picture a shoebox. Corner off one tiny slim space (the width of a toilet bowl and a half, and the length of a small shower stall, sink and toilet bowl and narry a space to step in between) for the bathroom. As my father in law pointed out, we’ve lost 80% of our living space.

Peony in a teacup, via Sandra Lane

Peony in a teacup, via Sandra Lane

And no built ins… so every piece of furniture we bring in needs to count for way more than “just a coffee table” or “just a hall table”. I’ve had to look at pieces that go upward rather than sprawl-ward.

Our tiny tiny studio home for the next year or two. Tiny.

Our tiny tiny studio home for the next year or two. Tiny.

Pardon the clothes, unmade bed (why make bed when the rest is so bomb-shelter-like?)

So now, our TV shares a sideboard with our underclothes. Our coffee table will be dining table cum toy storage. Our bed will also store bed linen beneath. Our bedside tables will share dressing table uses… One chest of drawers will now be used to store the clothes of 2 adults and 1 very fashionable almost-4 year old.

Please do keep reading this blog as I find ways to make our shoebox a home for the next 2 years. (Or less, please God??)

Thank you for reading this major whine… I thought I should update you (and whine) hahahah :)

Thanks also for bearing and caring for me. Photos to come soon.

Blessings on you all!

24 January 2010



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    28 January 2010

    do check out what they use / do in Japan – where they do live in super small rooms. they are soooo space economical – not as pretty as what you do though – but I am sure that there are some ideas you could improve on :)good luck!!:) p a t t

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    28 January 2010

    hey patt, thanks for your comment. yes, unfortunately i don't have the cash to do what the japanese spend thousands on making their small spaces work perfectly for them!but definitely worthwhile looking at some ideas… thanks again!

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    Heidi Jo

    30 January 2010

    You can do it! I feel for you though. We have been living with my parents in their guest room for over a year and for 2 trimesters of my pregnancy. We are finally moving back into our remodeled home next weekend! Be thankful you have inlaws to move in with- and that you have your own kitchen. We shared a small kitchen and living room with my parents this whole time. Needless to say- we've gone a little crazy. But you are in a good situation and have great reasons. You'll be happy you did it and be so thankful for your own place when you move out in a year or so. And it is definitely hard to blog in such a situation, and you'll be doing it in a different way, but keep it up. It will keep you motivated and creative. I've mostly just been blogging things I like and whatnot because I haven't been able to do home projects. Blessings to you too- and if you ever want to whine or need sympathy, feel free to e-mail me- really. It can be hard for other people to understand what it's like, but I totally do. : )

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    5 February 2010

    WOW. Good luck. I totally understand wanting to open the coffee shop! That is awesome. I hope to have a coffee shop / vintage shop of my own someday. { and a baby } My husband lost his job in December and we find ourselves having to make some major life decisions right now. Probably will lead to losing our home and I may be living in a "small" box like you! :(My husband is planning to join the AIr Force. My life is about to change overnight!!! I have no idea where in the United States I will be living! I am hoping for something warm and palm trees!!! *fingers crossed*I wish you much luck! In life you have to take risks! You always have to remember that everything happens for a reason! :) { that is what I keep telling myself anyways! hahahaha }

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    8 February 2010

    Jessie: oh no, not nice to hear hubby's lost his job. but good to know there are plans! air force huh!? you'll be moving around here and there? will locations be top secret? will you have the chance to decorate again? :)nah, i don't think you'll be in AS small a box like mine!!! we're getting there, in terms of furniture.yes i know that God's got a plan for both of us… and our little girl. learning to trust.

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    8 February 2010

    Heidi-Jo: thanks for your kind words. yes, i know we can. as it is, husband and i are going through a steep learning curve about living in such close quarters again… and dealing with uncertainty you lived for 1.5 years with your in laws? did you have children then too? or were you expecting your first child? hannah's at that age where she doesn't get personal space just yet… but most of the time she's a delight. very teachable :)oooh! i bet you can't wait to move back into your own place!!thanks so much for your support.

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    10 February 2010

    I have my *fingers crossed* for you & me! lol I just hope I get to live somewhere WARM! :)


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