Movable offices

My office chair, painted, recovered, looking at home!

I do like my home office. Right now, it shares space with a very large master bedroom. My desk is parked in front of the large window staring out onto our own very private nature reserve. It’s a beautiful spot. I can’t wait to paint the walls and get it all looking the way I want. Now, my old oak library bookcase, my yellow chair and my pale blue desk serve as ‘home office’.

But I work from home and down the other end of the house is the living/family/tv area. Where toys are. And this is where my 14 month old baby hangs out most of the day (apart from crawling to every other room and causing below-knee-level havoc.

Btw, I’ve worked out, she doesn’t actually like going back to an already-havoc-ed area again. She likes to go to it when I’ve neatened everything back. And because it’s not actually naughty (she’s been taught only to cause havoc to toy/play areas), I don’t like to correct her. The time will come (soon!) when bells will signal “put away time”.

So anyways. I wish I had a large mobile office that wheels away from room to room, providing the capability to sit and work anywhere in the house. That way, when she is asleep or being watched by someone else, I can closet myself in my bedroom and work. And when she’s not, I can wheel my office to where she is and work while keeping an eye on her.

A quick fun trip to Google reveals I’m not the only one that would like a mobile, wheel-able office!

The Mayfair Steamer Trunk Secretary:

Luxe in superb leather studded detail. (That leather chair isn’t so drab either!) A cool USD$3700 from Restoration Hardware.

Tim Vinke’s Kruikantoor, €3750:

Tim Vinke's Kruikantoor

Tim Vinke’s Kruikantoor

This is a nice lightweight narrow fold-out portable-in-the-house home office solution. Made entirely from foam, you can select colours for your pieces.

The Trunk Station:

The Trunk Station

The Trunk Station

At USD$2000, this isn’t a cheap solution, but it is a pretty looking one! Considerably less than the Mayfair one above, this isn’t covered in leather, but what looks to be thick cardboard and plywood. via .

The Office in a Box:

Office in a Box

Office in a Box

via Trend Hunter, the Office in a Box comes with its own chair. I do like this solution as it means I don’t have to have a chair available everywhere Jasmine crawls to. (Soon it will be even more chaotic when she gets the hang of walking/running!)

While this next solution isn’t exactly mobile, it begs to be lusted after:

The Atelier 37.2:

Atelier 37.2

Atelier 37.2, via Busy Being Fabulous

With the myriad ways to use this, floors, expand, seats change, plenty of filing shelves… Seating. Desk space. All in a light, airy box. The ingenious Atelier 37.2.

The expanded Atelier 37.2, via Busy Being Fabulous

The expanded Atelier 37.2, via Busy Being Fabulous

For now

I thank God that I can port around my laptop and mouse. (It’s cheaper than forking out USD$3000 before adding on shipping!)

8 August 2014



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