Most common decorating mistakes

The beautiful grain of this antique sideboard

This article by Elle Decor recently popped up on my Facebook feed and I thought it would be fun to respond to them (and not to be afraid to talk about my mistakes and how I’ve grown from them):

1. The Looks-Great, Feels-Uncomfortable Piece Of Furniture

Haven’t you bought one of these before?

My Roadside Chiavari Chair

Mine would be the pretty looking Chiavari Chair. It’s an occasional seat, something that is dragged towards the dining table when more than 6 are gathered to share a meal at our home. But the seat is not the most comfortable. Only really slim people with small buttocks will fit that small seat!

2. The Overly-Trendy Piece

When Hannah was born, I needed more clothes storage and it was the beginning of the mid century craze. I needed drawers for t-shirts, underwear, pants for both my husband and I… so I convinced my poor husband that we needed a teak, 9-drawer sideboard was what we needed, despite the drawers being so shallow! Poor husband. Nearly $700 later, it became quickly clear that this was NOT the best solution.

My master bedroom circa 2007 after makeover and cleanup

From this post

While I appreciate the minimalist beauty of mid-century pieces and still like some for our home, it’s not me. I’m not the most mid-century of persons.

Mid century hall cabinet with a few things in

via this post

Then I trend-followed by my next purchase, a mid century wall unit, for our foyer. But again, the style is just not for me! My husband now uses this wall unit to display and store his favourite collector items.

But they *still* don’t identify me.

3. The Wall Color You Didn’t Test…And It Promptly Looked Completely Off

I was going to go with a warm orangy brown for our master bedroom in our previous home. Then I saw Sex and the City, the Movie and really loved the makeover blue. So somehow, between leaving the house for some warm orangy brown paint and coming home, I ended up with a big tin of bright blue paint:

Our new master bedroom painted blue like Sex and the City

via the post

The only person that really liked it… was ME. And that was because I knew how I could pull it together in time. But it was a bright blue room… with cream trim. And to be honest, my space didn’t have the bright natural light and space that Carrie enjoyed in the movie.

4. The “Dream Lifestyle” Purchase
… Not yet.

5. The Quick Fix

I remember the moment when I decided to buy the best we could afford, instead of settling for cheap and nasty. It was when my husband bought a large shovel and mattock from the hardware store for $15 and then broke it 15 mins into using it.

He threw a temper, went back to spend big money on a new, high quality shovel and mattock. That was 6 years ago and it’s still going strong.

Since then, I’ve waited for the “right” piece at the “right time” and “right price”. If it doesn’t come, we don’t settle. We wait and compromise. This is why we are using our piano stool as our coffee-table-cum-ottoman solution!

6. The Too-Complicated Organization System

I have been the filer of documents in this marriage and have maintained a practical solution. So this one isn’t a mistake of mine… yet.

7. The Un-Researched Flora

I wanted some beautiful pale purple wisteria in our garden. Then I discovered how rampant wisteria can get. Luckily, I stopped that want before it became a reality… and a problem.

8. The Disastrous DIY

Nil. My husband does not do DIY well. So I tackle my projects very selectively.

9. The Cliché Art

NIL. I choose what goes on my wall very carefully. It might not be expensive or rare, but they are pieces I really really like.

My cherished print, James Noble's Apple Blossom in a vase

James Noble’s Apple Blossom in a vase, via this post

10. The Ambitiously White Item

I’d still like a white leather lounge. But also know that with two young children and a pup… that might have to wait till the nest is… sparser!

So, I’m done. What are your lessons and mistakes??

8 November 2014



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