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Feb 27 2007
James Design Rocker

Nursing rocker

James Design Rocker

I love the clean lines of the James Design Mid-century chair rocker. I am not so sure if it’s comfortable. While I am not a fan of oversized seating, I do like comfort for seating. I’m not sure if baby will like banging her head on the armrests either. But still, it’s a pleasure to see a non-traditional rocker chair. One designed for looks rather than only-functionality like the ones we see at baby stores.

When Hannah was a few weeks old, my husband surprised me with a nursing rocker. It was the sweetest surprise, and I loved it, till I realised I prefer seating without close armrests for feeding because I felt too cramped and baby didn’t have much space to move around. We then sold it and I brought in my large yellow armchair.

I like that this rocker has a wide seating area that allows baby to go left or right without hurting her delicate little head.

Nurseryworks Feeding chair and Rocker

The Nurseryworks Sleepytime rocker also gets a mention. This is I think the best design for a nursing rocker. I found some of the ones sold in baby stores to be impractical. But this looks like a great one even for storytime later on!

And comfortable for the squished parent.


Miguel's Cassandra cot

Miguel makes oh so lush baby furniture! I love the Cassandra baby cot. Upholstered in some space-age fabric it also converts to a toddler and youth bed. So, it’s versatile, it’s beautiful and looks sturdy.

Being padded, it also looks comfortable.

Nurseryworks has another great crib! The Aerial crib has a personalised panel that you can put almost anything to customise your crib! (via Sparkability) And if you don’t like the pink, well, I’m sure some baby safe spray paint can easily change that.

Nurseryworks Aerial Cot

Change table dresser

I love Nurseryworks line that matches my Studio dream crib. They have the dresser and the change table. All have a distinct mid-century feel about them.

Nurseryworks change table dresser

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