Mono-coloured office: red and white!

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Jun 28 2007
Red and white striking home office space

I admire the simplicity and striking-ness of clearly colour-themed home offices. I’ve blogged about my yellow office. I was instantly drawn to the striking white and red version.

Red and white striking home office space Country Home, Feb 2007

But they must be for people who don’t work with multi-coloured utensils, stocks and papers. I’m finding it a little challenge trying to visualise a yellow and white office work with my coloured supplies! Since I need my supplies behind clear glass and books etc, maybe I should paint the interior of my white supplies cabinet yellow.

The files on my desk are also multi-coloured and replacing them to be yellow is an expense I can’t justify. But I am scouring a cute yellow lamp. I’m also being very inspired to create large yellow artwork like below:

White room with large yellow artwork wallpaper panel

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