Mistakes I have made…

I love to paint but my non-OCD nature means that I'm not a perfectionist and I'll fix it up later. Hence the bad paint job and no cutting in.

In the light of my previous blogpost Let’s face it and Part 2, I wanted to confess and admit to my decorating mistakes…

This isn’t easy as there are plethora of blogs out their showing off their work, their DIY successes and their beautiful homes… but nobody is devoid of failures and misses. So here goes!

90% of our home is decorated with vintage… Garage sale, op shops (thrift stores) and vintage on eBay. It’s a rare case that I find lamps with shades I already like. And it’s way better to buy the lamp base rather than the lamp for the shade!

And since my shades have been impulse, sale-on-now-stop-the-car! purchases, a few of my shades aren’t sized for my lamps hehehe

My home office area, circa 2009

My home office area, circa 2009

Too small (but very pretty) lampshade for my floor lamp

Too small (but very pretty) lampshade for my floor lamp


Lesson 1: ALWAYS cart along all lamp bases in your boot so you can perfectly match size for size!

I SUCK at hanging pictures/items on the wall. With the 3m hooks, we’re good… but wall hooks, I’m horrid. I’m too impatient, too non-perfectionist to get it right. I don’t take out the ruler, pencil, eraser and level like the MIL does. I get a hook and a hammer and eye it.

My clock with my pretty bird pictures from Etsy not spaced apart right.

My clock with my pretty bird pictures from Etsy not spaced apart right.

That’s why while the round clock adds a nice different shape to the small collage above, it and the Ikea Ribba frames should have been measured to be evenly spaced out.

See the picture below I made for my husband for Fathers’ Day? I love it. He loves it. Hannah loves it.

But when Husband saw it hung, he shook his head with a resigned grin. Why? It’s crooked. And because it’s typical of me. Because I grabbed hammer and hook. And left the level, pencil, eraser and ruler far, far away.

I made this for Andrew for Fathers' Day. But I can't hang things up straight.

I made this for Andrew for Fathers’ Day. But I can’t hang things up straight.

Lesson 2: Know what isn’t your strength.

For me, this means waiting for the Husband to get off the lounge home to help with hanging anything.

Counter your impatience by baking a cake, clean the bathroom… anything to avoid hanging that picture despite the $4 spirit level the Husband just gave you.

I love to paint but my non-OCD nature means that I'm not a perfectionist and I'll fix it up later. Hence the bad paint job and no cutting in.

I love to paint but my non-OCD nature means that I’m not a perfectionist and I’ll fix it up later. Hence the bad paint job and no cutting in.

I love painting walls. I’m quick… I painted that master bedroom in a day, with primer and 2 coats. Myself. Husband hates painting… but I’m not the most… neatest… Oh I don’t mean splatters on the floor. I rarely get that. I mean I am not the most perfectionistic painter. I didn’t bother to tape off the trim because I also meant to paint the trim white… but I lost steam.

Lesson 3: do a diligent job and be more-than-yourself-anal about detail.

Just in case you lose steam painting the trim… or have a hungry family to feed… and don’t want to sand the cream gloss on the trim to repaint it white gloss.

Just a few…

What are your duh-duh-whoopsies?

5 December 2008
15 December 2008



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    9 December 2008

    A previous tenant felt inspired and decided to paint one of my bedroom walls purple and red, but only partially, which means a quarter of the wall had a the original mint green peeping through. After living with it for three years (what? I had reading to do) I decided to paint the damn wall white, the other day I noticed that on one side of the fireplace there’s still a sliver of red and on the other side of purple. Hopefully I’ll get to it in the next three years…

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    9 December 2008

    Wow that previous tenant obviously had mood issues with purple and RED?! ouch! to lose steam partway through a WALL… that’s ouch!i can’t believe you were able to paint the room but felt the “had it up to here” feeling after 3 years!well, hope you get the room looking great BEFORE you leave so you get to enjoy it at least!

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    la la Lovely

    10 December 2008

    Great post.. I am all about keeping it real.. sometimes all of this blogging creates the illusion that everyones house is magazine gorgeous… but with kids that is kind of hard to come by. I have lots of things going on. Wall/coat hooks that are falling out of the wall, at the moment. Bad paint jobs on furniture because I am impatient and an amateur (thankfully I like the distressed look) and many more.. just too tired to think right now :)

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    Fashion Hayley

    10 December 2008

    We swear by the 3M hooks as renters, but I think if we bought a house we would use them too, they are just so good for moving about if you change your mind, but bloody expensive!

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    11 December 2008

    la la lovely, yes… we’re not the magazine photoshoot kinda people… we’re WAY less than perfect, with not so anal-neat habits… and yes you and me have at least one thing in common: we are impatient painters :Phayley: hehehe i have 3M velcro strips everywhere. i’ve gone off the hooks, actually… the velcro strips are the best! i had to use wall hooks though for the heavier items… and yes… the 3M stuff is SO DARN EXPENSIVE!

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    22 December 2008

    I have made so many mistakes in my house!! No I have to sit back and work out how to fix them as hubby will have a fit if I spend more money. I love your desk, do you mind telling me where you got it from?

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    22 December 2008

    hi, thanks for commenting :)i love my desk (although it’s HUGE!) it’s actually from Trading Post (Australian only)… second hand from a guy who had it two-pac painted professionally for his daughter :)Only paid $50 for it!!Sorry I can’t be more helpful…

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    24 December 2008

    What a bargain, I might have to get my dad to make one for me I think. He is a retired carpenter and growing up with a person who made all our furniture I can’t justify retail prices on items that aren’t quite what you want!

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    2 January 2009

    Drey – how brave and how refreshing to see your “mistakes.” Of course, there’s never really any such thing as a mistake, it’s just that at any given moment you might do things differently.I sometimes get intimidated by the wonderful homes of other bloggers, painters who exhibit in galleries, and decorating magazines. Truth is, I have very little money, but I still feel home should be fun. I much prefer to watch the development/evolution of “ordinary” people’s homes, and blogs afford that. I am beginning to prefer the blogs to the shelter magazines.Anyway. Here’s my confession. 90% of what I do is a mistake – meaning I don’t like it. The only reason it seems a lot of things work is because I do so very much experimenting. My home is a lab. And now I realize, it’s for me. I do what I love because I simply have to. I adore sharing it and I adore the support I’ve received from bloggers, but I’m simply sharing what I love.Keep up the good work! Don’t worry about thing, keep sharing and Happy New Year!

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    4 January 2009

    peggy, thanks for your comment and for sharing. it was refreshing to see that this isn’t an “audrey” only predicament. i’m sure there are heaps of us out there with very very very little budget but yearn for pretty homes… mistakes are good… they teach us patience etc :)i just made a mistake… bought and altered pretty yellow and white curtains for our living room from ikea… but they don’t cover the sliding door width! *sigh* husband is not happy with me!oh well :)


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