Mirrored bed

Paris Hilton's mirrored four poster bed

Nancy Corzine's bedroom with glamourous mirrored 4 poster bed

I posted about dame Nancy Corzine‘s lush mirrored bedroom with the mirrored four poster bed a month ago. Her bedroom was elegant, bright and sophisticated.

Today I spotted the same bed in a very different celebrity home (opposite side of the elegance and quiet scale). Second picture below belongs to Paris Hilton’s Hollywood villa via the Real Estalker. Paris’ pad is for sale for a reported $4M.

While it is more fussy, one can say it is high drama and befitting of what we hear/know of Miss Hilton.

Paris Hilton's mirrored four poster bed

Paris Hilton’s mirrored four poster bed

Been looking through the Real Estalker blog and one question that keeps popping up is: how come a lot of filthy rich people have over-the-top and inelegant homes??

28 July 2007



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    29 July 2007

    It’s very very difficult not to adore that bedroom I must admit. Yeesh, wish it belonged to Annie Leibovitz or someone.

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    3 August 2007

    I hate her. yuck. But the bed is fun.

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    4 August 2007

    i love the bed. the hilton chick is definitely not one of my fav people. elegance comes from a life of discretion, not by pimping yourself like an idiot, huh??


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