Mid century luxury loft

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Mar 3 2007
John Curran's apartment

John Curran has posted on Flickr some shots of his now-no-longer-his NYC loft. Not soft enough for me, but he’s done a great job and it’s such a gorgeous space!

John Curran's apartment

Books, books and more books

A large wall of books means no need for art on walls. It’s an amazing use of a very large collection of books. I think I have plenty of books as I am a reader, but this guy’s books makes me so envious. But how many books can you have? How much time would you be seated, reading? How many glorious cups of tea would you consume, reading, reading and reading?

Tell me, with a space like that, would you buy random books at the thrift store/op shop? Or would you dedicate the same amount of time selecting the books as you do to the enjoyment of reading them?

Check out that ceiling.

With that amount of patterns and textures, the restrained palette works!

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