Merry Christmas… and a great 2008!

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Dec 24 2007
Merry Christmas from bijou kaleidoscope 2007

To all my readers, to all my family members, to all my friends as well as bloggy-mates… Merry Christmas! It’s been so good to get to know you this past year.

Merry Christmas from bijou kaleidoscope 2007

Merry Christmas from bijou kaleidoscope 2007

Post Christmas to-do list:

  • 1. Rub eucalyptus oil on all scissors in residence to clear gummy residue from sticky tape.
  • 2. Shred used and ripped wrapping paper instead of throwing away. Use as kitty litter or filling boxes for eBay/Etsy/packing/moving fragile items.
  • 3. Recycle ribbon from presents for coming year or make a ribbon bulletin board. (For Australian readers, Hemasote is not readily available in Australia, so look for Canite in Bunnings.)
  • 3. Return, recycle (use eBay) or donate unwanted gifts. (Remember that soap dish that matches NOTHING in your house… except the giver’s house decor??)
  • 4. Store leftover fruitcake (yuck) in freezer for later eating if you’re into fruitcake. Otherwise, after 3 years of freezing, they become so hard they make great cane toad killers.
  • 5. Relax with cuppa tea or coffee or eggnog or wine or beer… with family members over a quiet fire (North Hemisphere) or by a nice river/beach (South Hemisphere). Don’t forget your mozzie/flies repellant!
  • 6. Send out Thank younotes.

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