Parfum ala Memories

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Dec 25 2006
Christopher Brosius real perfumes

You know how certain smells and scents remind us of events, places and people?

Christopher Brosius has an interesting way of looking at smells and memories. If you want to smell what winter in 1972 was like, he’s the guy to go to. Or the smell of snow, or autumn or burning leaves, or the library!

Christopher definitely goes all out to create “real” scents! i’m keen to try the “Candle of Light”, which apparently uses real floral oils of white flowers: narcissus, jonquils, jasmines, white lotus and tuberose. Didn’t know white lotus had a smell! not cheap though, his scents. Costs him $17,000 to get a kilo of narcissus!

Must hunt his scents down while in Canada!

Christopher Brosius real perfumes

I wonder what Christmas Day 2006 would have smelled like for me?

Update 25 August 2014: Christopher Brosius has a book out, Scent: Mysteries of Perfume and the Smell of Happiness.

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