Liz Taylor’s Jewels and her gorgeous home

Firstly I apologise for not being as frequent as I’d like in my blogging. I’m not really into re-posting the already-posted-to-death things… I like to make my posts as personal-to-my-musings-and-situations as possible… and sometimes that hits a “bloggers’ block”!

I have been rather focused on my family (daughter’s been on school holidays) and looking for part time work that allows me to work from home.

But I did want to share a MOST inspirational home with you.

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

I first discovered Elizabeth Taylor as a young child entranced with Cleopatra (1963).

Elizabeth Taylor's exquisite violet eyes

Elizabeth Taylor’s exquisite violet eyes

I remember thinking what gorgeous eyes that seem to drag you in forever and ever. Then I heard in my teens that she had eyes of the most unusual shade of violet. I also read that a genetic hiccup blessed her with double rows of eye lashes! No wonder her eyes were the main star!

And of course we can’t have a blogpost about Liz Taylor without including her iconic jewels! (Just a few…)

Elizabeth Taylor's La Peregrina Pearl

Elizabeth Taylor’s La Peregrina Pearl

The La Peregrina Pearl; a perfect pear-shaped natural pearl once owned by Bloody Mary, Queen of Scots; a gift from husband Richard Burton. Karipearls includes a great story about her La Peregrina pearls… now only with great pics of the piece, but also highlights her passion for life, her largeness of character and her.. normal-ness!

Elizabeth Taylor's divine Cartier ruby and diamond necklace, presented by husband Mike Todd.

Elizabeth Taylor’s divine Cartier ruby and diamond necklace, presented by husband Mike Todd.

The 33.19 carat Krupp diamond, an engagement gift from Richard Burton.

The 33.19 carat Krupp diamond, an engagement gift from Richard Burton.

She is known to have worn the Krupp ring more than any other of her pieces.

Elizabeth Taylor's 69.42 carat giant Taylor-Burton diamond.

Elizabeth Taylor’s 69.42 carat giant Taylor-Burton diamond.

Elizabeth Taylor's Bulgari Emeralds

Elizabeth Taylor’s Bulgari Emeralds

Elizabeth Taylor's massive Bulgari 321-carat Burmese sapphire pendant in a diamond and sapphire sautoir necklace, from Burton.

Elizabeth Taylor’s massive Bulgari 321-carat Burmese sapphire pendant in a diamond and sapphire sautoir necklace, from Burton.

You’d think this blog was all about her jewels, don’t you?

Well… it’s actually about her beautiful ranch-style home in Bel Air, California, for 30 years until her death in March 2011. Her property sits on just under 1.5 acres of land (very modest compared with other uber-celebs). 7000 sq feet of that was devoted to the house that was surrounded by a bricked motor court, swimming pool, stunning landscaped gardens, a hothouse for orchids and a koi pond with a waterfall.

Elizabeth Taylor's living room

Elizabeth Taylor’s living room

I couldn’t get enough of Elizabeth Taylor‘s gorgeous home featured in Architectural Home Digest July 2011. For someone who has such fiery tastes in jewellery, her newly decorated home is peaceful, exudes warmth and casual living. Taylor worked with Waldo Fernandez in 2010 and the gorgeous actress passed away during the Architectural Digest photoshoot.

The framed prints in Elizabeth Taylor's sitting room.

The framed prints in Elizabeth Taylor’s sitting room.

Her house was redecorated in a beautiful shade of blue to reflect the iconic lady’s gorgeous eyes. Paired with warm woods, grey-whites and punches of fuchsia, the result is a gorgeously calm, bright and beautifully relaxed abode.

Elizabeth Taylor's dining room.

Elizabeth Taylor’s dining room.

A sweet corner in Elizabeth Taylor's home

A sweet corner in Elizabeth Taylor’s home

Elizabeth Taylor's library

Elizabeth Taylor’s library

Elizabeth Taylor's master bedroom

Elizabeth Taylor’s master bedroom

Nightstand in Elizabeth Taylor's bedroom

Nightstand in Elizabeth Taylor’s bedroom

The beautiful gardens feature many roses.

The beautiful gardens feature many roses.

There is a hybrid tea rose named Elizabeth Taylor, introduced in 1985, and it was featured bountifully in her gardens.

Gardens at Elizabeth Taylor's home.

Gardens at Elizabeth Taylor’s home.

Since Ms Taylor’s death, her house has sold. We have lost yet another style and life icon.

Pics of her home via Architectural Home Digest

8 July 2011



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    Jill Browning

    19 July 2011

    I know what you mean about things being re-posted. I'd rather have something unique to say even if it means not saying it as often!

  2. Reply


    5 August 2011

    yes! or something that personally somehow affects you, rather than a slew of pretty pics! :) Thanks for your comments Jill :)

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    10 April 2013

    HI,I stumbled upon your page while researching Tudor Era jewelry, just wanted to mention that Bloody Mary was not Mary Queen of Scots. Bloody Mary refers to Mary I of England, daughter of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon. She is called such because in her reign more people were excuted than in that of the Tudor monarchs combined. She recieved the jewel in anticipation of her marriage to Phillip II of spain, from her betrothed. Mary Queen of Scots is another Mary entirely, she was Queen of France and Scotland. That being said, the pictures of Liz Taylors home are beautiful, as well as the pics of her with her amazing jewelry. :)

  4. Reply


    11 April 2013

    How interesting! Thanks for letting me know. One of these days I might do some study on the monarchy! It's fascinating :)


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