Lipstick Art

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Apr 21 2007
poetics moca art in lipsticks

I don’t know much about the Poetics of the Handmade exhibition opening this month at MOCA. I love love love the work of Chilean artist Livia Marin. “Fictions of a Use” is her interpretation of the point of this exhibition which is to use mass made, everyday items to render social and political statements. Marin used 2200 tubes of lipstick in 27 colors and molded each one in one of 600 shapes.

poetics moca art in lipsticks

Via happy mundane

Imagine how many lipsticks would have been tossed out due to overeager hands or an overheated room?

What a cool use of old lipsticks. How many lipstick counters would Marin have scoured to get the right shades of red and pink?

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