Lighthouse homes

The storm sent the waves rolling and the rain pelting down… She banged and banged on the solid door of the old lighthouse, hoping for some respite from the high winds and slashing rains…

The door swung open to reveal a gruff man who showed no compassion at her sodden state…
One Man’s Art, by Nora Roberts.

I remember the setting, even though it was a book I’d read perhaps 10 years ago. I had to Google to locate the name of the book and author.

I remember clearly that the Gruff Man (Grant Campbell) lived in a old restored lighthouse.

Since that book, I’ve had periods where I desperately want to try living in a lighthouse. Every time we go to the coast I get this unshakeable desire never to leave said coast.

(Normally I eschew homes with stairs, preferring the single storied kind. But as we all know, lighthouses are/were built extra-solidly to weather storms, gales, winds… so I think I could live there!)

The ground floor would be a mudroom… entry way.

Via the winding, white and bright staircase…

Winding stunning white staircase with red door

Winding Staircase, Dream Lighthouse Home

The first floor would be my dining and kitchen:

Rustic kitchen dining

Kitchen Dining Plan 1, Dream Lighthouse Home

Stunning open spacious dining space with tall glass windows

Dining Plan 2, Dream Lighthouse Home

Imagine eating there, no courtyard but the ocean!?

With plenty of lights, shelves, china and super uber stove:

Bright kitchen with open shelving and uber stove

Kitchen Plan 2, Dream Lighthouse Home

The second floor would be a spacious living room:

Cathedral windows in living space, via Kelly Harmon

Living Plan 1, Dream Lighthouse Home, via Kelly Harmon

With beautiful painted vintage furniture:

Cozy, yet fresh living room with green tones, via Country Home

Living Plan 2, Dream Lighthouse Home, via Country Home

With a small, wrought iron, winding staircase leading to a mezzanine level study/library:

Library mezzanine level, via Jill Sharp Brinson

Mezzanine Library, Dream Lighthouse Home, via Jill Sharp Brinson

The third floor would be two bedrooms:

Low gabled attic twin bedroom, via Coastal Living

Twin bedrooms, Dream Lighthouse Home, via Coastal Living

Queen bedroom in low gabled

Guest bedroom, Dream Lighthouse Home,

Fourth: a luxurious bathroom (I’m actually not one for baths… as yet)

Grey tiled, super modern bathroom

Bathroom, Dream Lighthouse Home,

Fifth: master bedroom, a cozy affair:

Bricked bedroom

Master Bedroom, Dream Lighthouse Home

Can you picture it? Wouldn’t you like to live in a space just as bright, as spacious… as uncluttered?

What would your lighthouse home be like?

23 August 2010



  1. Reply

    My Realitty

    11 August 2010

    From the driftwood colored beams to the aged brick it is all beautiful. Imagine it in a storm! Cheers CM aka Lefty

  2. Reply


    17 August 2010

    wow storms are my favourite (except when in a rickety house!)


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