Libraries of books… or book libraries…

We’ve been looking for a suitable place for our little family to rent these past few months. Since this is going to be a mid-term dwelling, we have been rather particular about what we need and are looking for.

We’ve seen a few places with loads of space to for books and it has grown to be a real plus point for me to have inbuilt bookcases lining walls. I adore books, adore libraries…

The most memorable room looked like this:

Wall of books in cozy library

Here are a few that truly inspire me:

Bright white wall for library

Collection of books used as wall divider

Bookshelves colour coded

Bookshelves colour coded

Dark lined bookshelves with books and curios

Book display double height wall

Two walls of books in dining room, via William Waldron

Tall wall used for bookshelves

Bookshelves hidden behind green curtain

Wall of books

Black bookshelves

Two walls in a beautful bookshelves

Black bookshelves

White bookshelves against a blue wall

White room, black bookshelves, plenty of books, via David Netto

via David Netto

Super high wall of books

Books with red, pinks and plenty of blacks

There’s something so ethereal about being surrounded by books. Hallowed libraries. Personal collection. Mmmmm.

13 January 2011



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    25 January 2011

    I love it! Get rid of the TV at the central point, fireplace, books, maybe an easel for art at the corner for amusement would be just my cup of tea!-addie

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    Sherman Unkefer

    4 February 2011

    I love the 4th pic. I am very fond of reading and that pic gave me a great idea.

  3. Reply


    15 February 2011

    There's something so delicious about a white library… but our house is so rustic i'm not sure how to make it work! We have a small library but it's a mess :/Ags

  4. Reply


    17 February 2011

    keep all your ideas coming, adeline, i really miss my booksyes white libraries are awesome. but your place has SO MUCH WOOD heheheheh

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    1 March 2011

    oh what I would give for a proper library!! I love reading but get most of it done on my lunch break at work (which is not enough reading time for me) since there is no great, comfy spot for reading in my tiny apartment. These are all beautiful!! XO

  6. Reply

    Peony and Thistle

    21 April 2011

    Just discovered your blog tonight and I am loving it. It's now one of my favourites!

  7. Reply


    23 April 2011

    thanks Peony and Thistle! Do come back often! :)

  8. Reply


    16 May 2011

    hi! i am really fond of books too and having had rows and rows and rows of books lining up on a white bookshelf are just perfect.great ideas here!btw i love your blog.

  9. Reply


    6 June 2011

    yes it would. i long for the days :)


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