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For the past 4 years, this blog has always been about airing interior design matters, whether personal or highlighting a designer’s work. I hope that it’s been more about my home rather than just posting the portfolios and works of the myriad of fantastic designers around the globe. I’d like to think this has been more about putting my feeble attempts at creating a more personal home, both while I rented and now that I’ve finally been blessed to own this lovely home. Of course, this means I’ve certainly shared with my readers my pathetic mistakes, my few triumphs and my mental moodboard for different living rooms/spaces. And I do so thank you for reading and following me; in part, seeing the number of readers in Google Analytics come to bijou kaleidoscope despite not commenting, has spurred me on.

I’ve been feeling recently that (maybe it’s that time of the month again or something) I can’t be bothered anymore. To write, to share, to try… Sometimes having no budget (pea-sized or otherwise) challenges me. Times like now, it depresses me…

If you have the budget (and experience), making mistakes are easily repaired… if you don’t have the budget… mistakes are very costly… so trying new things out, or even affording the new things, is not always possible.

So thanks for allowing me this space to air out my mistakes, my bad attempts at creating living spaces that I had hope to inspire… and eventually build upon. Thanks for being gracious, for not chewing me out and criticising…

(maybe next week there’ll be more to read… but for now, i’m mellow.)

Have a good weekend!

24 November 2008
3 December 2008



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    28 November 2008

    Phew, for a moment there I thought you were going to end it..thankfully that’s not the case. I’m one of those lurker blog readers and usually only comment on the bitchy blogs, because I like a good fight (my life’s quite monotonous). Amidst all of that I have your blog to read, which is a welcome respite in an ocean of blogs and bloggers that try to outwit, outplay and outblog each other. Pleaase don’t be discouraged, there are so many of us who read and enjoy your blog – even the mistakes, because at least you’ve tried which is a great encouragement! have agreat weekend! Sorry if I don’t make sense…

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    Fashion Hayley

    28 November 2008

    Hey. I am another lurker on your blog, only commenting once maybe? Anyway I love it, like you I live in Melbourne and have a budget of nothing to decorate. My own blog is a mix of fashion, home and life (mostly life) but I do really enjoy reading yours. I can only dream of owning my own home (looks like I will be a renter for life) but I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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    28 November 2008

    wow… you girls have me bawling on a Friday night (and nothing to do with bad tv shows either!)…i do think of closing shop on the blog, but with encouragement like both of yours, i am so touched… and inspired. thank you for speaking up, for “touching that place inside me”…fashion hayley: well… we thought we’d be renters for life too… but we aimed realistically and even though we’re not in our top favourite 50 locations in Australia, we do own a nice home and it’s a foot in the door… so who knows? you might have a home to call your own some time soon!thanks girls. it means sooooo much that you wrote.

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    28 November 2008

    I’m a guy! Ha,ha! Your blog transcends all sexes! How’s that!!

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    28 November 2008

    wow welcome welcome!!!! now you’re making me laugh! :) thanks again :)

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    Making it Lovely

    28 November 2008

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling discouraged. Hopefully you know I’m always reading and enjoying everything, and tons of other people are too!

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    28 November 2008

    I lurk on your blog too…I think maybe I commented once. I sometimes feel the same way about my own blog—such a comment whore wanting more and more comments—but at the same time I don’t comment on everyone’s either—yet I certainly wouldn’t want them to give it up. I think most of us do keep our blogs around because it’s sort of like therapy for us and a much more fun way to keep a journal and chronicle the things going on in our lives. I enjoy keeping up with your lovely rooms and projects and hope you’ll keep it up!

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    N + S

    29 November 2008

    Another lurker here – just wanted to say I’ve always loved your blog and hope you keep posting!

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    29 November 2008

    I shouldn’t lurk as much as I do. I like coming here and just watching (perv that I am :P). Take your time Drey and blog when you want and what you want and keep us all honest. Sometimes the others (and especially me) get caught up in the must must must post the best and the latest mindset. Sometimes it’s good to be mellow.P.S. I know what you mean about budget and we don’t even own a home at the moment. I splurge sometimes but it’s only because everything else is thrift and ebay and etsy. Wish I lived in Melbourne I’d come over and make you a cup of tea.

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    29 November 2008

    hi all :) thanks sooo much for your encouragement… it’s not the lurking i mind so much, i guess it’s seeing others’ work and comparing with my feeble attempts and wondering why i bother since it never… seems to come near to that quality of work!yeah i’m mellow,thanks for the cuppa tea, jo… and i appreciate all of you so much for commenting.

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    29 November 2008

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, but I’ve never really felt the need to comment. I recently redecorated my bedroom, which for the first time in my life isn’t composed of old hand-me-downs. I even got to paint it green! You blog was actually a major help. It inspired me so much, and when all hope seemed lost, a quick browse through your page inspired me all over again. Thanks, and I hope you feel better! :)

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    Fashion Hayley

    30 November 2008

    I gave your blog an award on my blog.

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    30 November 2008

    Thank god, I thought you were going to close down your blog also. I hope you don’t.Your posts are fabulous and truly inspiring. I think your work is quality. Please don’t think it isn’t.Your bathroom post has me wanting to decorate the dingy little bathroom I have. I cringe when I enter it.But I do know what you mean. There are a myriad of blogs out there all posting the same things. I like to think of my own as a place to document my thoughts and things I come across. It might not be everyone’s taste but that’s okay. And I think it’s a good way to treat a blog. Makes it more personal if you know what I mean.I hope you are feeling better.

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    1 December 2008

    I had to put music on hold and really concentrate on reading your post and my heart was beating so hard “don’t end your blog, don’t end your blog…”!! I’ve never comment before, because I’m not very good on writing english – but I love your blog, it has inspired me so much. Keep up good work, hope you feeling better :) jen, Finland.

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    4 December 2008

    Hi Drey, your blog does inspire and I like it because it is real. Not another Vouge image, but a real home with real people. I have it on my bookmarks and I come in to have a look at least twice a week. Keep it going. Lilach

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    5 December 2008

    thank you so much for commenting. trust me, each of you lifted me up…


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