Let’s face it… Part 2

Thank You alphabet magnets on my refrigerator

Wow I am so touched by the response I got from Let’s face it blogpost.

Thank You alphabet magnets on my refrigerator

Thank You alphabet magnets on my refrigerator

I also wanted to make it clear that I wasn’t complaining about the lack of commenting by ex- and current- lurkers on here. Far from it! (Although it’s so nice to meet you all!!!!!!!)

My point of writing that was to share my frustration and inner agitation at being so much less than some big names we’ve seen in the interior design worldwide scene and some like myself, who strive to make their home a place of beauty and inspiration… and who succeed in their aim.

Thank you so much for letting me know that my uneducated, small steps have in some way inspired you. In turn … please know you very largely brought me out of this mellow-ness.

(Btw, it was husband’s idea that I share with you how I felt… because he also felt that I needed to see myself, and my attempts through my readers’/someone else’s point of view. He is proud of my work, but he’s too close to me to fully appreciate the value of my attempts. I could paint the room mission brown and install ochre furniture and shaggy red rugs and he’d still say I’d inspire him!)

28 November 2008
5 December 2008



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    3 December 2008

    Hi there! My name is Alicia and I’m from Phoenix, AZ, USA. I am fairly new to Apartment Therapy and to blogging, but since I discovered this community of bloggers who love interiors and are creative I have followed your blog. In fact, this is my first time to post a comment ever-for any blogger!! (I was just too shy/unsure/nervous to post a comment before.) I loved your bathroom redo-great idea for the framed magazine covers-I collect covers too! Anyway, the overall effect was quite sophisticated and stylish. I have started my own blog: aliciadechavezstudio.blogspot.com, though I haven’t posted anything yet-but I will anyday now!:)Anyway, please! keep up the great work-you have truly inspired me and I am over here on the other side of the planet!!! Have a beautiful day-Keep blogging-we need you!Alicia

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    5 December 2008

    Lovin’ the usage of a v and a j to make a y !! :) I’ve always liked those refrigerator letters ever since I was a kid!

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    18 December 2008

    Hi Alicia! Thanks so much for writing. Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m finally having the time to actually trawl through emails!Thanks for your kind comments re: my toilet redo/jazz up :) as well as my blog in general. (I really love going into my toilet now hahaha)I will definitely visit your blog soon!!!

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    18 December 2008

    Monkey: yes my aunt gave me those letters for hannah. they were my cousins’ old ones. so a bit of history with them… of course, they were given with ALL the letters… but hannah has magically made them disappear! :)


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