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Nov 7 2007
A bedroom in mauves, whites and honeys by Kristan Cunningham

I revisited this talented lady’s portfolio. I haven’t seen Kristan Cunningham work on TV (the show isn’t shown in Australia… at least, on Free To Air) but really like the calm, serene and livable spaces she creates.

A bedroom in mauves and whites by Kristan Cunningham

I love the bedhead idea that stretches right to the ceiling. I want that chandelier too.

That white floor to ceiling theme is transferred to the opposite side of the room… nice.

A bedroom in mauves, whites and honeys by Kristan Cunningham

A serene living space in white and chocolate by Kristan Cunningham

This is a quiet and collected room… not much signs of life, i.e. magazines, books, things… but still very calm. Love to spend a few days in that room without the all-too-familiar sight of toys now.

Now the lights framing the TV are a great idea. Not real hard to achieve either… it would be a real plus as an outdoor light feature too. Now there’s an idea.

A bright red lounge in a pale green space by Kristan Cunningham

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