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Jan 26 2007
The Meghinini MIA Fridge

I absolutely LOVE old-style fridges… not the plain white boxes, but the pastel coloured, rounded old Smeg fridges. They evoke a time of good-housewifery-past but with all the amenities of the 21st century.

But after seeing one on Nigella’s Express show recently, I have gone for the industrial fridges, but coloured, of course!

Nigella's industrial fridge

The MIA fridge is absolutely my choice, I think! Meghenini makes pretty industrial fridges. I love the yellow one below, but at UK$5000 for a double door one, it’s something that will have to wait… a long while.

The Meghinini MIA Fridge

And what a perfect sink for the laundry room!

The Bucket Sink

Now, this is also a cool idea for the small living space. The Grandma’s Kitchen opens up to reveal a cooking space and dining space. Perfect for small studios, granny flats, Hong Kong living quarters and even the poorly student rooms. (not sure about student budgets!)

Yanko Design's Grandma Kitchen

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