It’s Complicated by Meryl Streep

Alec Baldwin & Meryl Streep, It's Complicated

In the past week, I’ve seen three Meryl Streep movies. Firstly I watched Julia & Julie. Hilarious! Then I watched The Devil Wears Prada (again). Then I watched It’s Complicated.

Meryl Streep in It's Complicated

Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated

Have you seen it? Did you like it?

What strikes me about this Streep is her versatility and total dedication to her craft. Seeing all three movies in short form, I’ve been so impressed by how totally Streep becomes her character. In The Devil Wears Prada she is perfectly tailored, and measured to the ninth degree. But in this movie, she is the opposite of “cool and collected”.

Of course, the acting only really succeeds if the set is equally as impressive. While watching the show, I began to suspect the same genii who decorated the set for Something’s Gotta Give might have worked on Its Complicated. The homes, while different, just had the same lived-in, country but chic feel. Nothing was too… perfect. And I was right: The awesome Nancy Meyers worked on both the houses and she’s got the golden touch when it comes to creating light, airy, comfy and “real” home sets! In fact, Meyers not only produced, but wrote both Something’s Gotta Give and It’s Complicated.

The kitchen in It's Complicated

The kitchen in It’s Complicated

Let’s dissect the interior and set:

The overall tone of the house is neutral with warm accents of apricots, coppers, deep browns, olives and deep golds. Meyers chose these colours to highlight Streep’s complexion and bring out the natural rosyness.

Orange seems to be a very warm colour for Streep and this is used to the fullest in this movie. There are so many things that provide that pop of orange that so suits Streep: the oranges (fruit), the orange juice in clear glass jugs, piled up oven-burnished croissants, crisp red apples and tomatoes, the red and yellow flowers on the side table next to her front door, orange dining chair pads, deep orangey red table runner, deep orange bedspread, deep burnt sienna armchair, the orange brick floor… the orange in the sand in her courtyard… the copper pots… Even the warm shade of beige for the outside of the home really brings out the warmth in Streep.

I love that the kitchen can actually be attained by the average movie goer. The only REALLY expensive splash in the kitchen is that gorgeous white marble kitchen benchtop. The kitchen is actually not sparse (although this is intentional, since Streep’s character is a cook and baker).

Streep in her kitchen in It's Complicated

Streep in her kitchen in It’s Complicated

Love the lights bouncing off the gorgeous cake stands and glass domes… love the contents too! I have such a weakness for croissants.

Noticed the casually chic way she piled up the plates in the open shelves? And the non-matching china.

And the light bouncing off the copper utensils and cookware.

Also love the great kitchen layout. The kitchen is elegant enough to have evening meals at the benchtop, but casual enough to enjoy family chit-chats.

Dinner for two at the kitchen in It's Complicated

Dinner for two at the kitchen in It’s Complicated

I love the rustic feel of the place. The table and chairs highlight the rustic-ness, and this is modernised by the minimalist approach to the dining room.

The dining space in It's Complicated

The dining space in It’s Complicated

Don’t you love the no-fuss dining table? Hot dishes won’t mar its perfection, and for dinner, the table isn’t even lined. How marvellously casual.

Again, I was struck by how achievable the look is. Nothing too fancy.

The living room in It's Complicated

The living room in It’s Complicated

Casual living room with comfy off-white deep fabric lounges coupled with a super-rustic, weathered coffee table. Not shy of clutter on the side tables, this living room looks so comfortable and inviting. I wish I had the space to hide the large TV in the armoire.

The TV hidden in the armoire in the living room in It's Complicated

The TV hidden in the armoire in the living room in It’s Complicated

Because the coffee table is not fussy or fancy, it becomes an ad-hoc dining table for Streep’s guest. The coffee table books and vases are gone.

I love how different a room can become with various forms of lighting to suit the needs and social event happening.

The beautiful sprawling home set amidst lush grass in It's Complicated

The beautiful sprawling home set amidst lush grass in It’s Complicated

I’ve never been a fan of homes with first/second floors. I like the ground floor too much. I also love rambling homes… and this one is rambling, from the front door onwards! It’s a low, 1920’s Spanish house set (and located) in Santa Barbara, US.

Streep striding on the paved path in It's Complicated

Streep striding on the paved path in It’s Complicated

Pretty vine, simple front garden, lavender dividing the house from the lawn, dreamy wooden swing (I want!)… The neat stone pathway to the front door is so inviting!

The enviable vege garden in It's Complicated

The enviable vege garden in It’s Complicated

The vegie garden in front of the house is divine. I would love to have a small patch… but to own a full vegie garden like that. I love the tomato plants in the middle of each patch.

The beautiful courtyard in It's Complicated

The beautiful courtyard in It’s Complicated

The best thing is probably the house wrapping itself around the courtyard, next to the main house. The courtyard has large gates… and that hides a potting shed and other buildings.

The Potting Shed, It's Complicated

The Potting Shed, It’s Complicated

The Outside Patio, It's Complicated

The Outside Patio, It’s Complicated

Wrapping the house and the courtyard is via a sunny, bright, windowed corridor.

How I love this brightly lit corridor leading to the bedrooms, It's Complicated

How I love this brightly lit corridor leading to the bedrooms, It’s Complicated

At the end of said corridor, is Streep’s character’s bedroom, again a simple selection of pieces…

Streep's simple bedroom, It's Complicated

Streep’s simple bedroom, It’s Complicated

I love the oversize bedside table. A small desk… holds piles of books and journals, a sweet pod of flowers and the ubiquitous lamp. Wonder if the bedside table on the other side is the same as a large desk?

The gorgeous bedroom, It's Complicated, via Traditional Home

The gorgeous bedroom, It’s Complicated, via Traditional Home

Guess not! Small round side table on the other side, doesn’t look as used.

The vanity & bathroom, It's Complicated

The vanity & bathroom, It’s Complicated

Her bathroom … where can I get a similar vanity tray like the one on her vanity sinktop?

The simple bathroom, It's Complicated

The simple bathroom, It’s Complicated

Speaking of sinks… I loved the kitchen sink!

The kitchen sink, It's Complicated

The kitchen sink, It’s Complicated

Love how Meyers chose to leave in the dishwashing detergents and cooking utensils in their multitude, totally apt for a baker and cook.

And of course, no write up on this movie is complete without the bathtub scene with Baldwin and Streep. I love the muted gray of the bathtub and the cream tiled floor.

Alec Baldwin & Meryl Streep, It's Complicated

Alec Baldwin & Meryl Streep, It’s Complicated

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