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Apr 17 2007

I had an epiphany yesterday while cooking dinner for me hubs and myself. While I have no formal training in interior design, I do have a passion for the field. I realised that my design sense is much the same as my cooking “sense”. I cook intuitively. I don’t plan on things and don’t have recipes. My meals are rather yummy, according to my sister and hubby… but to replicate them at any given time is rather hard for me since I cook on gut feeling. So they only ever that one yummy dish once and a slight variation on it another time.

So I realised… I design rooms much the same way… by gut feeling. I have no paper qualification but I do know what goes with what… and what doesn’t. (Which is why I’m having a garage sale soon!) I’m willing to look at decorated spaces from the decorator’s POV and appreciate the thought that went into it… although I will freely admit I would not have it in my home.

So whilst I have no formal training in interior design, I think with some more exposure (like getting to know what each sauce and ingredient tastes like), I might make a decent interior designer.

Anyone willing to hire me for a part time job? I have heaps of passion and do not do garish (or much garnish… -HA-)

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