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Feb 27 2007
Sarah Richardson's Vivid Nursery

We are in Toronto, Canada for a few months on my husband’s work trip. This past weekend, we visited an Indigo bookstore. Kinda reminds me of a large Borders’ store back home in Australia.

For someone as visual as me, images easily captivate me and some can hold on to me for a long long time. In this bookstore I chanced upon a magenta and red plush elephant. I held it, touched it and then had to walk on.

If my little daughter Hannah (11 months old) had slobbered over it at the store, we would have gotten it. But since I was the only one captivated, it was too expensive a purchase.

But that’s the colour of Hannah. I’m not talking auras or anything new agey. But her personality is vibrant, fun, active and very vivacious. Very red and magenta.

When we do buy a home for her, the room shall not be baby pink or baby blue or baby-anything. It shall be bright, happy, cheerful and loud. I had no intention of letting Hannah wear clothes that were baby-pink. All reds and whites and brights. But the giant industry of children’s clothes keep spitting out pink. What with gifts from relatives and shopping options, pink is all over her wardrobe!

For this reason, I actually like the look of the boy clothes! They HAVE to steer clear of the pinks so other colours are chosen. The reds. The shades of blue. The whites and tans. Great colour combinations!


Sarah Richardson's Vivid Nursery

One of my favourite designers, Sarah Richardson, had a baby girl about the same time as Hannah and her nursery (pictured below) for daughter Robin is what I want for my little girl. Something non-nursery, non-pink. Something with RED! I’m already building the room (in my mind) and scouring Ebay for non-pink items. Plenty of reds and magentas.

So if you see a giraffe or elephant lamp around (not-childish) let me know!

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