Inspiration: framing vintage bags

My first vintage beaded bag.

My first vintage beaded bag.

I have a few bags that I especially treasure but they aren’t the normal ones you’d bring to work… or the ones you take to the races even… they’re the type you want to display… maybe to a summer wedding or the opera.

I have one of my favourites propped up on my “dressing table/cabinet” but would love to frame it up ala Unabashed Repetition.

Framed bag, via Unabashed Repetition.

Framed bag, via Unabashed Repetition.

Framed bag, via Unabashed Repetition.

Framed bag, via Unabashed Repetition.

What I like about this is that in no way is the bag pricked by mounting pins.. or anything. A couple of superstrong magnets, shadowbox and pretty paper.

I’d love to do this with my bags. Pity the Ribba frames aren’t deep enough… (and pity I have enough stuff hanging on my walls. Husband and I counted 75 items… and growing rapidly.)

Still. A project to keep in mind! Thanks for the inspiration!

I thought I’d showcase some talented bag makers on Etsy:

A collection of bags and purses from Etsy

A collection of bags and purses from Etsy

First row:
1. The Leather Store ,
2. DanicaDesigns,
3. Dschicboutique;

Second row:
4. daphenen,
5. katwhitt,
6. PacoandLupe;

Third row:
7. LooptheLoop,
8. fiazco,
9. OhGosh



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    1 April 2009

    75 huh…not surprising at all. it make perfect sense really…hehe.-annie

  2. Reply


    2 April 2009

    Drey, you’ve done it again. I have two fab bags and I’m going to frame them now! Thanks.

  3. Reply

    Helen Cox

    11 April 2009

    Framing bags – what an awesome idea!! And these bags you’ve chosen from Etsy are amazing! Time for a browse methinks!

  4. Reply


    18 April 2009

    Pink: make sure you show and tell your bags!Helen: yes did you buy any? wish shipping to Australia wasn’t so prohibitive (then again, my husband is prolly thanking God we’re not nearby!)


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