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Aug 8 2007

Why do you keep an inspiration folder/style file/dossier of photos of your favourite interiors?

I keep mine for colour inspiration, for great floral inspiration, for chair porn… but when I look at a photo of a great interior, I find myself looking at details:

  • 1. style of lounge armrests
  • 2. sidetables choices for different chairs/sofa
  • 3. bedside table choices
  • 4. bedheads
  • 5. wall art
  • 6. vases
  • 7. lighting
  • 8. storage choices

Sometimes I wish we could find photos of great interiors NOT photo-shoot-prepared with children, pets… and feel reassured that you’re not losing in the style battle if you have an active toddler with an obsession with shoes and books and spoons.

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