IKEA’s Stockholm range: tested

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May 16 2014
IKEA seglora leather Stockholm lounge

It was late night shopping here in NSW, Australia. We jumped in the car soon after Andrew finished at work and left for DFO. I was hoping to find a suitable outfit for my cousin’s wedding in a month. We all needed decent threads.

We got there in 40 minutes only to find that DFO do not do late night shopping, so we drove the extra 5 mins to IKEA instead.

After dinner, I bee-lined it to the recently released Stockholm lounge. I first spotted it in the leather.

Ikea Stockholm in Seglora Natural Leather, AUD$2,299

Ikea Stockholm in Seglora Natural Leather, AUD$2,299

{Now I have to disclaim this: I am not really a fan of the IKEA range for longevity. The prices are low, which is great for students and home starters, but we are at the stage of life where I want my furniture to feel solid and sturdy.}

I found it surprisingly beautifully finished, supple leather, comfortable seating. It was deep enough but not cloud-like, which means good support and shape). It was high enough; we aren’t fans of too low backs or too high backs. I really liked it. But if we were to get two, which we do need, it would have cost us nearly AUD$5k… for that price, I wanted to see if other retailers could match comfort, quality and detail.

Then I rushed to sit on the green velvet version. I really wanted an emerald green lounge.

I wasn’t so enamoured by the velvet version. It looked spesh from afar, but I could see how every hair, crumb and basic dirt from having two children and a dog could get trapped by the fibres.

I found the leather version so much better, which is reasonable a conclusion, since it’s about $1k more!

Then I spotted the green Stockholm cabinet.

I was quite surprised at its height! It’s quite low. Sideboard height. I’d previously thought it was 70s cocktail cabinet height (more or less at the upper chest). So it wasn’t suitable as a home office storage solution for me. Meh.

I must say, the leather Stockholm lounge has just made it into our lounge wishlist.

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