Identify this please?

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Oct 2 2007
What is this fabric? Yellow seaweed stripes

I’ve loved this fabric from ReproDepot forever but only now have the guts (and mula) to get some and now it’s no longer there!

It’s the icon image for their Stripes section, but not within the stripes fabric range… help! Anyone know what this fabric is and where I can get some???

What is this fabric? Yellow seaweed stripes

Update 3/10/2007: Thank God for bookmarks :) It is Seaweed Stripe (pink/yellow) by Alexander Henry. Available for $8.19 per yard from

Update 1/10/2013: I thought I’d update this link with how I used this gorgeous fabric. Nearly 7 years on and I still love my fabric!

Update: 25 October 2013, just tried that link to purchase more of the same fabric and the site’s disappeared. I think that fabric’s been discontinued too. Pity.

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