Ice Wine Vidal

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Mar 5 2007

I was introduced to my fav wine, the Tempus Two Botrytis Semillon, a rich and sweet dessert wine with tones of honey and apricots and citrus, by my friends Vern and Sher a few years ago. (I only like really sweet wine. Don’t go for bitter!) Produced by two Aussie brothers (go Aussie) in South Australia this is mmmmmmm elegant drink!

Tempus Two Botristys Semillion

But this weekend we went to Niagara Falls and on the tour, we had the chance of tasting one of the first Ice Wine producers Pillitteri Estates Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, a really picturesque area. You only get icewine from specially selected grapes that are harvested in freezing temperatures. Ice wine is very expensive, sometimes having to dish out $80 per glass! It’s expensive because the yield is far lower than for most wines, requiring ten times more grapes per bottle. Icewine is high in natural sugar, low in alcohol, has an amazing acidity level, and is intensely sweet and flavourful. Oh! And Pillitteri are the ONLY makers of the Icewine Shiraz! Also owned and managed by an Australian now.

Ice Wine Vidal

Now I fell in love with the Icewine Vidal 2004. Mmmmm. So another one to add to my lists of wines. Sweet honey, mango and peach tones. Very lush. I bought a bottle. Gonna keep it for our 20 year anniversary.

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