How to keep hydrangeas blooming

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Mar 11 2015
Beautiful pink hydrangea bushes along a high stone wall

My favourite flowers are the hydrangeas so when they go on special are the local grocers, garage sales and nurseries I grab a couple. This year, my little front garden boasts 16 hydrangea bushes, all different sizes… mostly pinks and whites varieties.

I intend to stop for a bit since I’ve run into a problem. They are very very very healthy plants but they are only producing giant sized leaves! No blooms. One bloom per large bush is pathetic, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I’ve heard that the less nurture (other than water) you give them, the better for blooming. But to no avail. So I went a hunting and found this link via Pinterest.

Kari Anne from Thistlewood Farms was advised many months ago to use coffee grounds to make them bloom.


So I went to get my husband’s knock box, full of coffee pucks from his Expobar endeavours.

Fingers crossed, I hope this works! What have you found works for your hydrangea blooming?

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