House by Mouse

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Jun 15 2007

I went thrifting a few days ago and didn’t find anything of worth but ONE thing. It was a children’s book but it was FOR ME! Not for Hannah! I couldn’t put it down. I am instantly attracted to little mice in/with their little houses so that book was for sure coming home with me. NO second thoughts. Especially when it was only a dollar.

Pig's house in House by Mouse, written by George Mendoza

House by Mouse was written by George Mendoza and first published/released in UK in 1981. Henrietta Mouse was a world-famous architect who designed houses for her friends, the Trout, Otter, Caterpillar, Owl, Squirrel etc etc. Doris Smith illustrated it for him.

Frog's house in House by Mouse, written by George Mendoza

I love little houses pictured in books in their cross section form. Makes me dream… imagine what it would be like to live like a Fox or the Frog. How glorious it would be to live in an underwater haven.

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I sat in the car reading the book and by the time we got home hours later, I was determined to get more copies. Some toddler had marked the first few pages so I Googled to see if I could get a pristine copy.

Caterpillar's house in House by Mouse, written by George Mendoza

Imagine to my shock and horror when I found out that these days, they are a collectors’ item! On Amazon, they *start* at US$79!!! All the way up to the US$500s!

Well, a pristine copy will not be showing up at bijou kaleidoscope’s house for a while, but my copy, albeit marked, will sure stay a treasured item for a long long long time.

Note: This book was released in US under the title, Need a House, Call Ms Mouse.

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