homemade rocky road

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Jun 26 2005
My Homemade Rocky Road

yes. i made my first batch of rocky road last night. after using 4 packets of cooking dark and milk chocolate … this is the result:

My Homemade Rocky Road

I had some last night with my favourite booze, Tempus Two Pewter Botrytis Semillon… yummmmmmmmmmmm. Chocolate and the honeyed presence of apricots and candied citrus marmalade.

Yes Agnes you shall enjoy the rocky road too :) When I perfect it. Going to bring it to the in laws this afternoon.. and watch it devoured in 15 minutes… by a family who thinks water is chocolate and therefore, we must have chocolate all day long! :P

(Oh, when we get back in 5 weeks, anyone who drops in when a batch is ready is welcome!)

Had some this morning as well… before my cream-cheese-and-salami muffin and kawfee Sunday breakfast. Enjoying Canada. Enjoying it all.

We’re home soon… am looking at Northcote … looks and sounds nice… although Moonee Ponds is still a-calling…

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