Home Office shots

While having my tripod out, I took more shots of the home as is… Here is a panoramic shot of my home office (covering 3 walls, the fourth is a window and dustbin and box of odd-n-ends.

A panoramic view of my home office

(Click on this image to see a bigger, clearer version: Warning: large file)

Still need:

  • 1. headboard of sorts for futon bed. It’s never in its seat form, we use it as a bed too much…
  • 2. I have another 4 similar framed pictures to go with my two ones above the bed, buying the frames a few at a time…
  • 3. would like to repaint the chair… maybe a mixture of black and yellow.
    4. need way more shelving
    5. incomplete yellow white black picture wall above desk
10 October 2007



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    11 October 2007

    I was just going to ask you about your office! I was thinking about it yesterday. So are you going to stick with yellow, white, and black after all???? I think you should, because its truly what you want. Its tricky, but can be done. I like that bedding you have by the way!!!

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    11 October 2007

    yeah going to keep to black white yellow as much as i can… :) yes my bedding adds such a strong punch of my desired colours :)

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    Jackie Von Tobel

    11 October 2007

    Looks like you’ve got a great space to work with. Lots of wall space – I’m jealous as my office is all windows and doorways which limits my storage and display space. I can’t wait to see what you do with yours.Jackie

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    12 October 2007

    wall space is good… but in a rental, you can’t do anything! i’d love to put up some floating shelving :/


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