Hidden secret rooms

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Apr 18 2007
Hidden room behind staircase

I have always always always been fascinated with old mansions and castles and houses with hidden rooms and passageways and corners. Imagine being able to turn an old marble bust and the wooden panel next to it opens to reveal a secret library… or lighting a candle on a mantlepiece swivels a fireplace to reveal a hidden passageway leading to a farm nearby.

How romantic and utterly exciting! (Except a maid would have to go in frequently to sweep and clear cobwebs. I hate them spiders.)

Hidden room behind a bookcase

Some crafty clever people from Hidden Passageways do that to modern homes. How utterly unique. Apparently you can pull a book from a bookcase and it will open a hidden passageway by recessing part of a cabinet! Or bend a candlestick to reveal a room. Knock on a cabinet with a secret tune and it will open to reveal a room!

Hidden room behind staircase

Hidden safe behind dresser

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