Heal’s Mistral

Heal's Mistral lounge

Along with most other DIY/plans I have, is the not-so-urgent need for some new lounges. Ours are about 2 years old and they were bought in a frenzied attack on the furniture stores about 20 mins drive from home. I was pregnant, was stuck to a throw-up-pail for almost 8 months. We had to time each entry into each store just before I’d have to run out to the car again for some quality time with this said pail. So we chose the first lounge that wasn’t lime green or PVC and felt comfortable on our bums and backs.

Now that I am sane again, I hate the shape of my ugly lounges. They are bulky, heavy and just plain yuck. I have been lusting after a Heal’s Mistral set.

Heal's Mistral lounge

Heal’s Mistral lounge

Only in the UK, these beauties are sleek, shapely and very compact. Got my guy who quote me to create a copy… will update you on the cost (and condition of my harried husband).

21 July 2007
23 July 2007



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    23 July 2007

    I adore and worship at the altar of Heal’s… miss them like anything.

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    23 July 2007

    yeah? i haven’t had the pleasure of sitting on the lounges. but that one i posted is so sleek and nice! thanks for commenting :)

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    mommom bird

    19 July 2008

    macy’s sells this couch for $700

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    23 July 2008

    hi mommombird, yes but we’re in australia :)

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    mommom bird

    24 July 2008

    that would be a long drive home.


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