Happy corners!

Thumbnail of my living room in Nov 2007

I have been contemplating how to position my pink silk canvas… but it looks at home where it is now! Originally, I’d thought to put it to the left of my three cheerful bird prints…

Any suggestions? Click on my living room photo below for a larger image… I would really appreciate your input!

Thumbnail of my living room in Nov 2007

Thumbnail of my living room in Nov 2007

22 November 2007
4 December 2007



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    1 December 2007

    it looks great in that position because it hightlights the great view -outside and you take advantage of all that wonderful light coming in.

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    1 December 2007

    I think that it looks cozy where it is, but you may have been right about putting it to the left of your 3 bird prints… it’s very empty on that side! Did you have any other plans for that area?

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    3 December 2007

    I’d leave it where it is, but swap sides with the pink vase, and white bowl. Cheers.

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    3 December 2007

    well i wanted to fill that wall with like prints in simple assortment of white frames… but it’s taking a while to fill that space. i will try siwtching the vase with the pink silk… thanks for the suggestion

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    All Things Bright and Beautiful...

    7 December 2007

    I really like it where it is – It’s a bit unexpected where you’ve got it now & that adds to the whole thing :-)


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