Hannah and her bookcase

Hannah on her beanbag next to her pink and red bookcase

Hannah loves books… so she has a fair few and these are constantly being added to since I am a reader and like to encourage my daughter to read.

She also has a growing collection of teddy bears. My in-laws love giving them to Hannah despite her (and me) not liking teddy bears!

The only place I have had for them is in a two shelf bookcase that was bought at a garage sale years ago. I think I paid $5 for it. It was in a very scuffy condition. I have not bothered to paint or pretty it.

But I realised I needed something for Hannah’s books and teddy bears so I grabbed some glossy red and pink paint and gave it a few coats. I had to apply a primer to it first since the bookcase had been varnished at some point.

Hannah on her beanbag next to her pink and red bookcase

Hannah on her beanbag next to her pink and red bookcase

So after some thinking and painting last week, we finally installed her new old bookcase all pink and red:

Hannah's cot next to her red and pink bookcase

Hannah’s cot next to her red and pink bookcase

Hannah with her pink and red bookcase with her beanbag and small collection of artwork with girls with umbrellas

I love it. It’s vibrant coloured and happy. Just the colours to match her vivid personality.

31 March 2008



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    31 March 2008

    it turned out really fun! it looks great in the room. :) amazing what a little paint can do!

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    31 March 2008

    CUTE!! And pink and red is one of my fav colour combos!

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    31 March 2008

    thanks guys… what i wanted to do was “lighten and brighten” the interior of the bookcase :) now she can see where to put stuff etc even without great lighting :)the paint job isn’t spectacular with different coloured edges but since my audience is a 2 year old, i figure it won’t matter all that much!

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    1 April 2008

    so cute. love pink and red and it really brightens up that corner.

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    1 April 2008

    thanks Pink :) it was between pink and orange or pink and red but i didn’t find an orange i liked enough :)

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    Patricia Scarpin

    1 April 2008

    She’s so adorable!

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    1 April 2008

    i like the lights around the crib.so cute. squeeze.-addie

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    2 April 2008

    pat: thanks :) she is indeed.addie: yeah the lights are great huh??? i love them :)


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