Hall cabinet

Yay! It’s finally here. I’ve been hunting for the right hall cabinet for ages and finally, at Salvation Army, for $95.

Minutes after arrival. Hannah’s already had her blocks in it.

Mid century hall cabinet just delivered from Salvos

Mid century hall cabinet just delivered from Salvos

Discovered to my delight a drawer just above the blocks.

After a buff of teak oil and reorganising my stuff, it comes up good. And it finally fits the space and use.

Mid century hall cabinet with a few things in

Mid century hall cabinet with a few things in

It’s needing a lamp… and I would love to hang my newly painted mirror.

But I need a home for that, because rentals only allow 3M hooks and this is heavier than the “1kg load per hook”.

6 April 2008



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    9 April 2008

    Oooh – love that!

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    9 April 2008

    Love salvos! and love that cabinet! Lucky you :)

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    9 April 2008

    what happened to the white cabinet? i like that!addie

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    9 April 2008

    claire & jo, i KNOW! everytime i walk past it i feel so darn lucky!addie: it’s now in the living room where the antique brown dresser used to be… looks fantastic there too! hubby approves.

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    10 April 2008

    what antigue brown dresser? what happened to that piece? ha ha… pictures? -addie


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