Gwyneth Paltrow & Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh's home

There has been a spat of comments lately on design blogland about Home & Garden‘s feature of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s place and how it seemed to be cold and unfeeling and un-children-friendly. I feel as though I need to defend her home and style… Ms Paltrow is not your bouncy, exuberant and extroverted Rachel Ray… she’s cool and calm and why shouldn’t her home reflect that?

I personally think her home reflects her to a tee. Rather than cold and sterile, I thought it looked unfinished, as it was a new home for them. I think she would look out of place in a room of reds and warm colours. I think she also has a cool fun side to her personality… like that blue lace chair, which I love.

In a recent O at Home, Greys Anatomy‘s red headed beauty Kate Walsh was featured in her lovely home (Spring 2007 issue). And nobody had anything bad to report… because it was warm and people like warm. What I loved about her home was that it reflected her perfectly.

Kate Walsh's home

I’d say… let our homes reflect the owners… in peace.

I mean… it’s not bad taste, is it?

11 October 2007
13 October 2007



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    12 October 2007

    You know, I am really get sick of people “bashing decorating”, because they might not like what someone else likes. That is Gwen’s home,…her style, her life, …..its not my home or my colors,….but I thought it was very breathtaking and pretty. I have a freakin red and yellow living room,..can’t imagine what some people must think about it!!!!!! But hey,..ITS MY HOME!!! I am learning as a young designer, to see the beauty in all different rooms and styles. :) sorry for such a LONG comment, but people are making me mad.jessie

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    Another Shade of Grey

    16 October 2007

    I agree, to each their own, but I must admit I thought the same thing when looking at those photos. I remember watching an Oprah show where Gwen admitted to being a germaphobe, in an OCD way. This might be reflected in her interior tastes. :)

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    17 October 2007

    ah that might explain it then… we don’t get the latest Oprah’s here… neither do we get the celeb talk ones… mostly the serious ones are viewed on Oprah. well i thought the dining room was to die for :)

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    20 October 2007

    Agreed–I loved Gwyneth’s house!


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