Generosity of strangers

… and Flickr-world…

I posted these pics in a previous post but can’t stop thinking about the generosity of the those in blogworld and Flickr-world…

Australian Penelope Wait's collection of teacups

Australian Penelope Wait’s collection of teacups

Then tragedy struck. Her roof caved in from some plumbing or roofing damage from a heavy downpour. Most of her gorgeous pieces suffered.

But many blogworld and Flickr-world friends came to the rescue!

This is what it looks like today:

Shelving rebuilt from donations from strangers and bloggers, via Penelope Waits.

Shelving rebuilt from donations from strangers and bloggers, via Penelope Waits.

Spot the few identical ones?

But isn’t it great to ponder on the generosity of others connected via www who share a passion for something… and who are great people, inside out??

24 February 2010



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    permanent magenta

    22 February 2010

    That is a lovely story:)All those tea cups are breathtaking!!! Wow. What a delightful assemblage of shape and color. It is a wonderful cabinet.-good luck with that.

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    23 February 2010

    thank you :) i was touched too!yes i'd love teacups like that. i REALLY want the wedgwood queen of hearts set!!!!

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    23 February 2010

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