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Mar 6 2007

I spent some time mulling last night while waiting for bubs to wake up for her midnight feed on the friendships I’ve made these last 2-3 months.

While my friends and family in Melbourne (and Lancaster, PA!) and Sydney whom I know well and have actually hugged them once or twice in my life *wink* mean so much to me… These past few months I have gotten to know a few fellow design-bloggers and have realised that they are just as important to me as my friends in some ways.

Strangers become special because they let you peek inside to see their fantasies, their dreams and their passions. Suddenly you glance something in that peek that you can resonate with. Then these strangers become friends. You might marry one (or more!), you might begin to share regular time with them over coffee, exercise, book talk… and cuisine. But there are these strangers-now-friends who you never meet, you never hug, you never get to blow-kiss, you never get to pat-on-the-back that become to mean almost your-world to you. And because the www allows you to indulge your passions, we meet and finally often get to share our passions on an almost-obsessed-level-that-your-husband-and-other-friends-just-don’t-get!

And I treasure these friendships. Strangers who *get* you :)

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