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My vintage tea tins

I haven’t written much because life has been busy for me… and simply because I haven’t been inspired by much lately. I don’t like to write about things that others write because it’s the in-thing or because someone else has done it… I like to blog about inspires and moves me.

Lately, the economic crisis has not left us unscathed. To add to that, there so much eye candy out there that it’s better I don’t surf the eye candy!! :) I mean, I already want a pink dining table, 10 Chippendale Chinese dining chairs, a white and black bureau/secretaire… and loads more!

But I thought I’d practice my photography skills and capture closeups of some of my favourite things in the home…

Some of my Favourite Things around the Home

Some of my Favourite Things around the Home

I love vintage tea tins. But finding ones I really really really liked… now, that’s hard! The vintage tea tin one on the right I’ve had for years. I could not resist the one on the left on eBay recently for a song. It’s pretty, delicate, it’s got birds and is Eastern in motif. Pity it’s a little rusty.

My vintage tea tins

My vintage tea tins

The image below inspired me to not just display them, but to store flowers… or candles…

top image from gathering spriggs, tea tins used as flower vases

Top image, via gathering spriggs

I think I should explain about the amount of birds I have in the home. I grew up in a fractured home with an alcoholic father. So I started likening myself to sparrows and taking comfort that God cared for each and every one of this small, insignificant birds. This small sparrow has graced the wall of every bedroom I’ve called mine since I was 13.

This small sparrow has graced the wall of every bedroom I've called mine since I was 13

This small sparrow has graced the wall of every bedroom I’ve called mine since I was 13

Then I got to know birds on a real personal level, with my then-boyfriend’s family who had birds as “dog-like-pets”. Ate along with the family during dinner, demanding bath times in the kitchen sink by running to and fro near the kitchen sink… by sipping ice cream from our spoons (after we finished, of course!). Did you know even small birds have very distinct personalities? (Still doubtful about little finches.)

One of the highlights of my honeymoon was a visit to the Jervis Bay reserve, South Coast, NSW. There’s a park that’s visited by kangaroos and birds. These beauties accompanied our meal of sandwiches… and I was enthralled!

Rosellas accompanying us on our honeymoon walk.

Rosellas accompanying us on our honeymoon walk.

So, I’ve loved birds way way way way before the recent bird-trend in interior design. I’ll also love them way way way past.
So I’m unapologetic for having that many birds art/pictures in my home – it’s not a trend!

Oh and I collect greeting cards! And this is one of my favourites… because it shows the love for vintage-shopping and a close relationship with another female friend… also into vintage-shopping. I gave an identical one to my mother-in-law! She’s my vintage-shopping friend. :)

A greeting card I have on the wall, ladies antiquing

A greeting card I have on the wall, ladies antiquing

Hope you enjoyed a few shots of my home!

26 June 2009
11 July 2009



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    10 July 2009

    Great post. :) I love all the photos you took. The photo of the vases is my favorite.

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    10 July 2009

    Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

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    12 July 2009

    jessie: i love my art glass vases :)lilach: you're welcome :) it's nice to be able to have pretty things in the house next to the hubby-style plasma TV :P


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