Etsy Spotlight: Janet Hill Studio

I love paintings of rooms; vintage and new. I wrote about Anne Harwell‘s fantastic prints a while ago (visit her Etsy store here: Annechovie)… but never blogged about another favourite Etsy seller: Janet Hill Studios.

'She Liked To Call Them Her Canary Shoes' by Janet Hills @ Etsy

‘She Liked To Call Them Her Canary Shoes’ by Janet Hills @ Etsy

I love Janet Hill’s work… here’s some of my more favourite pieces from her store.

Some of my favourites from Janet Hill @ Etsy

Some of my favourites from Janet Hill @ Etsy

1. Sarah and her Fan, 2.Rosecutter’s Cottage, 3. Summer Dresses,
4. Flowering Orange Tree, 5. The Reader Paige Has New Books, 6. Port And French Cheeses,
7. Dressing, 8. The Music Box, 9. Irises

Rush to her Etsy store to pick up your own Janet Hill!



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    22 May 2009

    I just had to share a few of her pieces on my blog as well (hope that’s okay!). Thank you so much for pointing me to her store.Hope you are well and have a lovely weekend! xx

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    22 May 2009

    thannks for refering back to me VIv. I’m already getting a few of her pieces!!!!


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