Dresser makeover suggestions?

Maine Cottage geranium dresser

I got a gift from the husband 4 years ago (ok I bugged). It was what I wanted. And desperately needed. We have needed storage in every rental and so when I got this, there was no guilt in having it.

(And Pottery Barn wouldn’t consider shipping this to me for $50.)

my country style dresser

I loved it then. It provided a place to display our precious pieces as well as storage at the bottom. For $350 that should have cost $3000, you can’t complain!

That was then. Now, it’s four years past. I am WAY past this look.

It’s the only thing left in my place that is country-style-ish.

I’ve been trying for 2 months to flog it on eBay but it’s not making it past the silent “watchers”. So now I have been considering instead of selling it, change it to what I’d like.

I’m back to one of my favourite furniture makers and sites, Maine Cottage.

Maine Cottage geranium dresser

Isn’t this colour super? It’s a rich geranium colour. Toyed with having a lighter/different shade interior from exterior.

What do you think? My brothers in law who love wood and are learning to become builders think me painting it would be akin to sacrilege!

9 July 2007



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    10 July 2007

    I am really seeing your dresser thingy in white, or oddly enough a sort of dark grey/wet concrete colour. I would get new doors made for the bottom so they don’t have that country-ish curve and replace the handles. That’s it. Maybe take the doors off the top part and wallpaper the inside.

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    10 July 2007

    hehehehe kim you don’t know how accurate you are with the grey comment. my entertainment unit is light grey green… with all those changes, i might have to just sell it and get a new replacement! i liked the pink interior for the bottom image because the china seemed to POP out of the interior… as you can see, you CAN”T see my jug collection through those dumb glass doors.

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    10 July 2007

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    Another Shade of Grey

    11 July 2007

    Drey,You could just get rid of the doors altogether, fill in the hardware holes with woodfiller and then buy yourself a power painter. :)I like the pink color. You could totally paint the inside of the curve in the bottom doors a slightly different color than the rest the piece, thereby making it modern country. Would be cool.

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    12 July 2007

    Pink!!!! I would just go for it! I love furniture that is painted two different colors. Pink inside, and maybe white on the outside??? fun. If you can’t sell it anyways,…I would just play with it!!

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    19 July 2007

    i dare not paint over that! chickening OUT! but i need something like that. i wonder how much a specialist painter will charge to spray paint it for me (afgter looking at me in disgust at desecrating something so gorgeous).


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