Dresser makeover suggestions?

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Jul 10 2007
Maine Cottage geranium dresser

I got a gift from the husband 4 years ago (ok I bugged). It was what I wanted. And desperately needed. We have needed storage in every rental and so when I got this, there was no guilt in having it.

(And Pottery Barn wouldn’t consider shipping this to me for $50.)

my country style dresser

I loved it then. It provided a place to display our precious pieces as well as storage at the bottom. For $350 that should have cost $3000, you can’t complain!

That was then. Now, it’s four years past. I am WAY past this look.

It’s the only thing left in my place that is country-style-ish.

I’ve been trying for 2 months to flog it on eBay but it’s not making it past the silent “watchers”. So now I have been considering instead of selling it, change it to what I’d like.

I’m back to one of my favourite furniture makers and sites, Maine Cottage.

Maine Cottage geranium dresser

Isn’t this colour super? It’s a rich geranium colour. Toyed with having a lighter/different shade interior from exterior.

What do you think? My brothers in law who love wood and are learning to become builders think me painting it would be akin to sacrilege!

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