Domino: the Book of Decorating

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Nov 21 2008
Domino from Amazon

I had to choose an affordable “something I’d like” for our Christmas gifts to each other (husband and I). Now with a mortgage, 10ft luxury ebony wood yachts or mountain-top Swiss chalets are out of the question (they were never in to begin with)…

I finally chose. (He chose a good quality coffee grinding kit (the Coffee Been’s kit) and I am getting:

The MUCH talked about and MORE MUCH longed after Domino Mag’s new book, Domino: the Book of Decorating.

Can’t wait to get it!!!!

(Btw, we’re not precious about not revealing our gifts to each other. I *HATE* getting gifts I can’t appreciate so we have decided to make our gift list known to each other so we can truly appreciate what we give each other -and family members-)

A note to Australian readers/longer-afters-too, Amazon beats ANY price offered by Australian retailers (online and otherwise) for this book.

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