My DIY lamp

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Apr 26 2007
My red butterfly lamp

We have one sad square lamp in our bedroom. Husband bought it 8 years ago for me and I can’t throw it out but it’s sad. It’s got mold from condensation and I had a stupid idea to lay it on its side for a different look so a hole burnt through the polypropylene sheets.

So I got some lush Cristina Re red butterfly flocked sheets (not cheap!) and more polypropylene sheets. One night went by and then the next night although we were exhausted from the events of the day I couldn’t stand the look the lamp sitting on the dining table waiting for its new look.

New lamp (old lamp was too yuck to take a photo):

The red butterfly lamp I made for Hannah

Now bubs has a pretty light that is rather dim for her bedroom :) She loves it!

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