Dining chairs makeover

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May 16 2009

My cousin sent me an SOS when she moved into her rented apartment a few weeks ago. She needed a modest but useful dining suite to fit into a rather small space. She had very little budget but didn’t want to settle for cheap and nasty. Sue also entertains a fair bit. Being single, that meant she could invite five other friends around. So she wanted a six seater.

I like my cousin’s eclectic style… and was pleased when she said she wanted a wooden, “classic” set.

My cousin's thrifted dining set before makeover

My cousin’s thrifted dining set before makeover

We found this at the local Salvos and picked up the lot for only $250. Sturdy chairs, no chips etc etc. This is it in her dining corner of her small, but rather open plan living/dining area.

Sue was happy with it. For a time.

The next SOS my cousin Sue sent me was this past Wednesday. Her chairs were too boring and had “other people’s stains” on them. She wanted my help in recovering the seats in time for her house warming do next weekend.

So we popped over to Spotlight for some fabric… and got to work with my staple gun.

This is what the lounge area looks like (just so you get an idea of the entire room)..

My cousin's small living room

My cousin’s small living room

(The dining alcove is to the right of this space.)

The chairs before:

The dining chairs before recovering

The dining chairs before recovering

Recovering her chairs seats weren’t easy because they had these corners! So took longer than expected.

Me stapling away the new covers.

Me stapling away the new covers.

(Apologies that I do not look like the Design Gurus on TV with their wavy, untethered hair and pretty outfits. When I need to tackle some DIY, I put on my homiest gear and hairdo and get to it!)

My husband posing … actually he was great help. This is him doing the last chair (I did the previous 5) and declared a rest.

My husband Andrew stapling on the new fabric.

My husband Andrew stapling on the new fabric.

And this is the result, just before being served a thank-you-so-much-you-guys-rock dinner of some buttery-soft steak and morrocan spice roast vegies, yum!

My cousin Sue's dining chairs with new upholstery covers

My cousin Sue’s dining chairs with new upholstery covers

I wanted the area to look as nice as possible… so I insisted her pictures be hung… that large beautiful one is painted by her talented father.

It’s not finished though. I’d love her to gather a small collection of bright yellow vases/holders… for her centrepiece for a pop colour… and perhaps some small plants for her window sill…

We’ve also been scouring ebay australia for a dinner service. My cousin’s eclectic… so she’s been fancying a retro dinner service. So the journey to a great place to live continues!

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